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   Registered Standard Poodle Pups
Mom Lily giving a new arrival love

 Xalted Standard Poodles

Xalted Standard Poodles

Vigorous Healthy Poodle Pups

             Selected Poodle Breeding Program * Veterinary Home Raised

  Intelligent * Strong * Good Family Companions* Sweet * Faithful * Beautiful * Healthy  

         Multiple OFA Certifications * DNA Tested for serious poodle issues  

   Accomplished Agility, Obedience, Tracking, Carting + Potential Confirmation Dogs

         Dr. Bruce Rodger + Pamela Rodger 35 years of standard poodle breeding 

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  Lilly ( cream in the picture of our 3 girls) is cleared eyes for inherited eye diseases with CERF and Dr. Brian Skorobahach, Ophthalmologist. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ((OFA) has cleared her for inherited Thyroid Disease, and Sebaceous Adenitis (an inherited skin disease often seen in poodles). She has been certified clear for Hip Dysplasia. We have submitted DNA to VetGen to check markers for Neonatal Encephalopathy ( an inherited neurological disease seen in poodles and a few other breeds), Von Willebrands Disease ( an inherited clotting disorder seen in many breeds), and the coat colour that she carries.. 

SEPTEMBER 2019 .....Lilly has started a heat and we will be breeding her again  to her boyfriend Zar. 

 Lily is a cream + owned by Bruce + Pamela Rodger, Calgary, Alberta 

 Zar is black BPIS Ch. Valmara's Thus Spoke Zarathustra,  co-owned by Marra Messinger ( Ontario) + Dr. Mary Catherine Rooney ( Calgary) 

 Zar is a Champion and Lily is his dear friend + she comes from a Champion lineage.