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   Registered Standard Poodle Pups
Lucy passs all her screening test

Xalted Standard Poodles 

Xalted Standard Poodles

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Tractive is a GPS-based pet tracking solution integrates with Tractive management apps for iPhones + Androids.

All Cell Providers* World wide tracking * Live tracking+ by computer when out of cell range.

Defined safety zones * Location history

Peace of mind where ever you + your pet are.

Low battery e-mail. (2 to 5 day battery hold charge) + Night light control.

Size: 51mm  X 41mm X 15mm  ( 2in. x 1.6 in. x 0.6 in.) 

Weight: 35 gm. (1.2 oz.)

Waterproof to 1 meter * collar clips

Monthly or Yearly Tractive plans available $6 to $10 per month