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Lucy passs all her screening test

Xalted Standard Poodles 

Xalted Standard Poodles

Xalted Standard Poodles        Registered Standard Poodle Pups

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Spring 2020: our next mom as Lily is now retired.  She has completed all her genetic screening so far with only her 24 mo OFA hip xray certification to come. We have tested Thyroid parameters, Inherited eye diseases, skin punch biopsies for sebaceous adenitis and all are normal with no sign of inherited issues. DNA screen tests for Inherited Degenerative Myelopathy (spinal disease), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, and Von Willabrand's Disease (absent clotting factors) are all negative. She is a strong, intelligent, and active dog who has had the opportunity as a big sister to help Lily raise 2 litters of pups and has all the qualities we want as a nurturing and playful mom. Although not shown in conformation, she has been assessed by people who know poodles who say she is very well "put together". 

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