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Dr Bruce Rodger Veterinary

                                            Dr Bruce Rodger Veterinary Services                                            


           Monday all day: Arrowhead Vet Centre, Cochrane 118- 2nd Ave. Cochrane   (403) 932-2370

           Tues. morning: Eastern Slopes Vet Services, 101A, 3St NE , Black Diamond (403) 933-3532 

           Tues. 1 pm to 7 pm.        Wed. 9 am to 7 pm       Thurs. 9 am to 3 pm   

           Panorama Hills Animal Hospital Unit 410-1110 Panatella Blvd. NW Calgary 403 277-9111

            Laparoscopic Pet Surgery at Eastern Slopes Vet. Services, Black Diamond - Minimal Invasive Surgery                                    


Dr Bruce Rodger Bsc, DVM

   Dr. Bruce graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977. After practicing in Prince George, BC for 8 years he moved with his wife, Pamela and children Keri and Simon to Bragg Creek, Alberta in 1985 where they built the Bragg Creek Animal Hospital and attached art gallery. After 20 years, the practice was sold and Dr. Rodger then worked for several clinics in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area. Bruce maintains a small house call practice.

Clinical ServicesEastern Slopes Veterinary Services, Black Diamond,(403)933-3532 include surgery, dentistry, acupuncture, and medical cases. In 2008, Dr. Bruce introduced single port Laparoscopy to the veterinary community in Calgary and uses this equipment for many procedures which are minimally invasive and much less painful - much desired by both patients and owners. 

Dr. Rodger's years of experience enable him to give advise to both pet owners and other veterinarians - offering options and realistic solutions in many cases. His compassion for both pets and the owners' who care for them is well known.
  Bruce has maintained his close relationship with wildlife after having worked as a Park Naturalist for the National Parks in Jasper during summers of vet school. He enjoys walks in the woods and hills around his home in Bragg Creek, Alberta. He played in the Regina Symphony (French Horn) in his youth and maintains his passion for music in a world beat fusion band SCRUFFY FISH with the One World Drum Co.( Calgary Alberta.) He is a key board + flute musician and loves spending time with the engineering of their sound tracks.
 He is well known as a breeder of Standard Poodles and has empathy and help for the veterinary needs of breeders. 


   Acupuncture is the art of choosing the appropriate acupuncture points (points on the body where one can access the Qi energy of the body) to treat different medical conditions. Conditions which often respond to acupuncture include arthritis and other joint pain conditions, skin conditions, chronic intestinal problems, and other things. The therapist inserts fine needles into specifically chosen points. The needles are stimulated in various ways, and are left in places for 10-20 minutes. Treatments are repeated at intervals of a few days to a few weeks.