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CKC Registered Standard Poodles:  What is a CKC registered dog? What are the code of ethics for CKC members? What are the correct CKC breeding practices?

                                                                What is a CKC registered dog?  https://www.ckc.ca/  
A pedigree will give you the genealogical table showing the ancestral line of descent for your dog.

                                             What are the code of ethics for Canadian Kennel Club Member Breeders?

This Code of Practice shall apply to all breeders who are members of the Canadian Kennel Club. Its purpose shall be to provide breeders with a set of mandatory standards and requirements relating to the proper maintenance, breeding, selling and overall protection of their chosen breed(s).

It shall be the aim of every breeder to breed dogs that are healthy and sound in both mind and body, to ensure that the dogs are true to their heritage and that they meet the requirements of the CKC Breed Standards.

It shall also be the responsibility of every breeder to adhere at all times to proper and ethical business practices when buying, breeding, selling and placing their dogs.

                                                   What are the correct breeding practices for CKC members?

In order to attain the goal of producing quality dogs that are healthy and sound in both mind and body, a breeder must give priority to the following:

  1. Select breeding stock that conforms to the approved CKC Breed Standard to the highest possible degree.
  2. Use dogs that are known to be of sound health and stable temperament.
  3. Choose both a sire and dam that have reached such maturity that they can produce and raise a healthy litter.
  4. Assure that all breeding documents and registrations are available for inspection and completely in order.
  5. As the owner of a stud dog, ensure that the owner of the dam has the ability and the necessary facilities to successfully whelp, raise and assure the future well being of any resulting litter.
  6. As the owner of the dam, ensure that the owner of the sire has the knowledge and experience to provide a safe and proper mating, including the diligent care of the dam.

                                CKC Registered  Xalted Standard Poodles,  Alberta      

                          We are in contact with most of our puppy owners and Bruce is available to give medical second opinion.                                                                                                         Dr. Bruce, Rodger Veterinary Services, treats many as their vet. 

                                    When an owner signs our contract, we sign a commitment to be your constant information, back up family. 

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