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Beau  the Tomato farmer, tooo happy

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Registered Standard Poodles  *  Veterinarian Home raised * Dr Bruce Rodger DVM  * Alberta 

Zar + Lilly laughing it up


 Xalted Standard Poodles are co -owned by Dr. Bruce Rodger DVM + Pamela Rodger, Bragg Creek, AB  (403)949-3769  

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      CKC Registered Standard Poodles

We will give Lilly a rest when she comes into heat in the summer of 2017.

 So we will not be breeding until 2018 

Lilly and Zar had another litter in January 2017. They gave birth to 5 males + 3 females. They are all cream in color. 

Lilly (cream) is our only mom. We are a small breeding program. We give undivided attention to our adult poodles + the pups.

Zar is black BPIS Ch. Valmara's Thus Spoke Zarathustra,  co-owned by Marra Messinger ( Ontario) + Dr. Mary Catherine Rooney ( Calgary)

Zar in the flower bed
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                                     Laparoscopic Surgery: Minimally Invasive Surgery at: Eastern Slopes Veterinary Clinic,
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