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                                    Intelligent * Strong * Good family companion * Sweet * Faithful * Beautiful * Healthy 
                                                                                     Longevity  *  Multiple OFA certifications  * 
                                             Accomplished Agility, Obedience, Tracking, Carting, and Potential Conformation Dogs  
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              Thank-you to all the  

" For Ever Families" that now have our 2016 litters in their homes, chewing their rugs and getting them up at 6 am.

WE have plans to repeat the breeding in 2017. We will not have any pups available til then.

This is Sophia. Daughter to Lilly + Zar.

We are preparing her coat with Belcourt Grooming + Spa to have her ready for the puppy classes of the dog shows in the fall. 

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Bragg Creek Xalted Standard Poodles.

 Pottery By Pamela Rodger + Rodger Mosaic + dates for Millarville Farmer's Market: